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Concrete Contractors...because of MUDRIGHT, there is no more need to order that extra bit of concrete (or top off the truck) to make sure you have enough concrete at the end of your pour. Also, there is no more losing track of your trucks and concrete volumes.

Ready Mix Suppliers...because of MUDRIGHT, there is no more need to dispose of all that concrete that is returned to your plant, because there is none (or very little).

Did you Know...

“Every year, it is estimated that 2% to 10% (average of 5%) of the estimated 455 million cubic yards of ready mixed concrete produced in the USA (est. 2006) is returned to the concrete plant”

2007 Report for RMC Research & Education Foundation by K. Obla, H. Kim & C. Lobo.


That is why MUDRIGHT's goal is to help you reduce concrete waste and concrete's carbon footprint while saving you money.
Find out how much we can save you....

How taking out the guesswork when establishing how much concrete your pour will take. The MUDRIGHT calculator is designed to help you organize the data in the concrete order, delivery, and placement supply chain and incorporates real time data provided to you by ready mix concrete truck tracking systems and volumetric scanning technologies.


"Fantastic application! This is just what the Concrete Industry needed."

Joe Sostaric

"User friendly and accurate. MUDRIGHT helps my pours go much smoother"

Tom Sprague, Proj Engr

"MUDRIGHT really does reduce the stress on our Project Engineers while reducing concrete waste"

Bill Bramschreiber, Dir of Concrete

"MUDRIGHT is a great tool to control our concrete pours. And it saves us time and money."

Alan Berger, Chief Operations Mgr

"Our Ready Mix Supply customers' returned concrete volume is significantly reduced using MUDRIGHT, especially when used with Road King's system."

Harry Marks, President

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